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Limited Vision

Pharaoh's Sign

Pharaoh's Sign

We said that it was only at the moment Pharaoh said, “See, there is evil destined for you”, that the blood, Pharaoh saw in the stars, appeared, because. it was only at that moment, when Pharaoh began to bend, that the exodus became a reality.

He had promised before to let Israel go, and he made those promises without conditions and without negotiations. It was never a certainty before. Now that it was a truth the future appeared in the stars. Now that it was becoming fact, Pharaoh began to negotiate.

As long as Pharaoh refused to bend even a little, the great astrologer could see nothing in the stars. Pharaoh could only see what he wanted to see. His vision was limited. People who believe they can control the future, manipulate events according to their desires, determine the outcome, face one insurmountable barrier. They will see only what they want to see. Their vision is limited.

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