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Lights XXV

“The command of God is clear, enlightening the eyes.” (Psalms 19:9)  How can we explain people who observe all the commandments and yet do not seem to have achieved ‘enlightened eyes?’ Why do we not experience this enlightenment when we observe the commandments?

The Zohar has three explanations of Mitzvah, none, as a commandment. It teaches that we have 613 Pathways to Belief. It also compares Mitzvah to advice. It also teaches that the word Mitzvah is derived from Tzavta – a magnetic force that pulls two things together.

The 613 Mitzvot, which I teach as the 613 Concepts, nurture our faith in God and relationship with Him. They nurture our souls – positive Mitzvot – and prevent us from occluding God’s Light on our souls – the negative Mitzvot. (Maharal)

Our souls are designed to respond to our actions. (Sefer Hachinuch) However, the Rambam teaches (Hilchot Teshuva, Chapter 10) that we must perform the Mitzvot with the desire for them to provide enlightenment and the awareness that they are designed to do so.

When we follow God’s advice and perform the Mitzvot with that desire and awareness, we will find ourselves on the Path to Belief and experience the magnetic pull between God and our souls.

I will follow God’s advice and light these candles with the desire for, and awareness of their ability to nurture my soul, so that I may find another Path to Belief and experience Tzavta.

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