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Lamentations: Third Kinah 18

“Arise! For this is the day of which Hashem has said;” This is the day that has been decreed for the destruction. This is based on the prophecy of Devorah to Barak in Judges 4:14 “Then Devorah said to Barak, ‘Arise!


For this is the day on which God has given Sisera into your hands.” Metzudas David ibid “The decree has been made in heaven that today you will defeat Sisera and you cannot delay any longer.” Barak had only to enter the battle. God would take care of the rest. Barak simply had to enter battle with the clarity that everything had been predetermined by God.

The Kli Yakar of Rabbi Shmuel Laniado explains that Devorah speaks in the singular to tell Barak that his faith alone is sufficient to win the battle. Barak believed more than did his troops, and God was willing to fight for Barak alone. God will make miracles even for only one person. One person alone can make a difference for the entire nation.

The Midrash says : For eighteen years a heavenly voice used to go forth in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar and proclaim, “Wicked servant, go and destroy your Master’s house because His children disobey Him.” Nebuchadnezzar afraid of Him Who is supreme in the Universe and was not willing to do His bidding. He said, “He wishes to entrap me in order to do to me what He did to Sancheriv.”

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