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Lamentations: Third Kinah 15

“…when they rebelled wantonly…” Metzudas David ibid “When God wreaks His vengeances through the hands of Israel that it appears that they have done it with their own hands, and it is a glory for them; When God


places it in their hearts to go to battle (despite the overwhelming odds) the people should bless God.”

We should rejoice when God pushes us to overcome our limitations.

The Metzudas David is teaching us that even in such circumstances we should praise God and be aware that the credit is His. God constantly pushes us through Divine Providence to overcome all of our limitations. We must be aware that we cannot do it without His help.

If a person desires to live with God’s presence he must be aware that anytime that he faces an obstacle it is God pushing him to grow. He must also understand that he will not grow without God’s help.  Even if one is stuck on a page of Gemara it is a challenge to grow and he must cry to God for help.

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