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Lamentations: Third Kinah 13

“…when they rebelled wantonly…” This is based on the Song of Deborah, Judges 5:2 “When vengeances are inflicted upon Israel and the people dedicates itself-bless God.” Targum Yonatan ibid: “When the Jews rebelled


against the Torah other nations came and stopped them from their studies. When they returned to observe the Torah they overcame their enemies and pushed them out of Israel. When Sisera came and brought tragedy, and then there was a miracle and the Jews were saved, the sages returned to sit in the study hall and teach the people the laws of the Torah. Then the people would bless God.”

The Radak explains, “Whether Israel’s sins lead to vengeance wreaked by its enemies or whether the nation repents and devotes itself to God’s service, Jews should bless God.” This phrase means that we acknowledge that the destruction was an act of vengeance against our sins, our salvation will come through repentance and we should continue to bless God despite our suffering.

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