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Lamentations: Third Kinah Line 1 Part Two

“They will weep.” There are countless Jews who are miserable with their Torah learning and are satisfied with being miserable.  There are people who are unhappy with their growth and simply remain unhappy without using all the joy of Judaism to grow.

People cry when they are suffering without thinking that whatever is happening to them is an opportunity from God to grow.
We cry on Rosh Hashanah forgetting that it is not a day of crying but of rejoicing in God as King.
We cry over our sins on Yom Kippur without remembering that Yom Kippur is a day of tremendous joy. We cry over all the challenges facing the Jews without rejoicing in the gifts that God has given us. We cry over everything. We have become a nation of criers.

What is “crying for nothing?” Maharal, Netzach Yisrael Chapter 8  “Each thing desires to be in its natural place. The crying of the Jews was an indication that the Land of Israel was not their natural place, therefore it was followed by exile.” We are satisfied with our lives in exile. We may say that Israel is our natural home, but in our hearts we remain in the luxury and comfort of the United States. Those who do not move to Israel for theological reasons are still not fully aware how unnatural it is for us to live anywhere but Israel.

Do we understand why? Can we articulate why we must have Israel, why it is our only natural home?

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