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Lamentations: Kinah 13: Just So

This Kinah plays on the word, “Eichah,” and used, “Ei Ko,”: Where is the ‘Ko,’ or So, as in, “So said God?”

It is commonly understood that when God uses the term ‘Ko,’ He demonstrates an intense degree of Hashgacha Pratit – Individual Divine Providence, and reveals manifest love for Israel.

Therein, lies the problem. Most of us are confused by the system of Hashgacha. Many of us believe that everything is “Ko,” or exact, just so. We are confused when things don’t make sense, and we wonder, “Where is “Ko,” – where is a world that works ‘just so’?

Rabbeinu Yonah (Berachot 19b in the Rif) describes Israel as challenging God: “We do not experience You as compassionate, but cruel. We do not see justice, but suffering. You must restore justice to the world before we can return to You.” Rabbeinu Yonah is describing a cry of “Ei Ko?”

We are confused by the lack of “Ko,” just so, in the world. We are confused by the absence of “Ko,” just so, in the teachings of our leaders, who do not agree on basic concepts of Hashkafa, Jewish Philosophy.

The prophet, Jeremiah, cries out to us, “Eichah!” We respond, “Ei Ko?”

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