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Lamentations: First Kinah – Lines 27-28 Part Three

“Young men bear the millstone, because they were found in the harlot’s house.” Yirmeyahu 5:7: “Why should I forgive you? Your children have forsaken Me and sworn by non-powers, when I fed them their fill they committed adultery.”

We live in age of abundance unlike anything seen in the past even by the wealthiest and most powerful. Our children can pretty much have whatever they want. As they become so spoiled they lose their sense of values and what is truly important. They look for more immediate satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. If we lose sight that whatever we have comes from God we lose sight of God in our abundance.

Midrash Aggadah Bereishis 71: “After you have abandoned Me, the Torah, Shabbat and Brit Milah you still say that I have abandoned you!”

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