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Lamentations: First Kinah – Line 19 Part Two

“Our skin is parched as by a furnace…for they have exchanged their glory for dishonor.” Our faces turned black with hunger. God honored us when He sent prophets to speak to us, even if they were prophecies of rebuke. It was the highest honor for God to communicate with a human being on such a high level so that the prophet could direct us. When we rejected the words of the prophets we were rejecting our own honor. We sacrificed our honor because we refused to listen to words of rebuke. We gave up our glory for dishonor when we refused to listen to these messengers of God.

We are desperate in our generation for such envoys of the Master of the Universe. We don’t know how God wants us to deal with all the issues we face in our time. Yet, we lack such direction because we gave it up ourselves.

Rabbeinu Yonah : The Jews complain to God that He has abandoned us in the long exile. We ask God, “Where is Your kindness and love? Please judge us as You did in the days of old!” Although we surrendered that level of attention from God we can still demand that He restore the highest level of involvement in our lives. We insist that He restore justice to the world so that we may constantly feel His Presence.

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