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Lamentations: First Kinah – Line 19 Part Three

“Our skin is parched as by a furnace…for they have exchanged their glory for dishonor. Our faces turned black with hunger.” The Vilna Gaon says , “God made everything for a purpose.” The concept of the first four verses of this chapter is as follows: God has directed each person how to act and to follow God’s Will. Each person has a unique path. Just as each person looks different from the other and their natures differ, so too, each has a different mission to accomplish in this world. When we had prophets we would go to the prophet to “search for God.” The prophet would instruct us using the clarity of his communication with God how to fulfill the mission of our soul. When here was no longer prophecy there was still Divine Inspiration. We could still go to people with such a gift and request spiritual direction based on the deepest needs of our souls. Each of us possesses enough Divine Inspiration to figure out what is our mission in this world! Such Divine Inspiration comes only with attachment to God at the highest levels.

If we want to know what our mission in life is we must attach to God. If we are desperate enough to learn the purpose of our existence then we will do whatever we can, with all of our strength, to attach to our Creator! When we fail to push ourselves to attach we too are forfeiting our honor!

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