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Morning Blessings-Korbanot-Vayikra-Dinov

The Holy Dinover taught: We read in this week’s portion, “When any man of you brings an offering to God, you shall bring your offering of the cattle (Leviticus 1:2).” The words “of you” seems superfluous, but the meaning is this: the reason for an offering is that God in His mercy permits us to offer an animal as a substitute for our own life, of which we have deprived ourselves by sinning against God. But this sinner must thoroughly repent of his sin before the offering. Hence, the verse may be understood like this, “If a man offers himself wholeheartedly as an offering to God, then he may bring ‘ of the cattle’ as a substitute. (Chemdah Genuzah, page 9)


Read the Korbanot in a state of Teshuvah.

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