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Morning Blessings-Korbanot-Tzav-Koretz

The Koretzer taught: It is written, “This is the law of the burnt offering, of the meal offering, and of the sin offering, and so forth (Leviticus 7:37).” Repentance, while the Temple stood was accompanied by an offering. Nowadays, however, it should be accompanied by the study of the Law regarding the offering which in the times of the Temple it would have been a person’s obligation to bring. (Nofet Tzufim, page 26) Read each Offering in a state of Repentance.


Haggadah: Rabban Gamiliel used to say, “Anyone who has not discussed these three things on Pesach has not fulfilled his obligation; Pesach (Offering), Matzah, and Maror.”

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