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Kinot-Links to Essays Related to Kinot Part IV

The Foundation Stone has a complete commentary on the Kinot on our website and Blog – Click on the Kinot Tab on the bottom right. However, not all essays on Kinot are listed as such. Below are essays pertinent to Kinot:


Kinah 1

The Forgotten

Conclusion of Kinah 5

Inspiring Good

Kinah 14

Banished – “Adam was ejected from the treasure house of Eden.”

Kinah 16

Just Another Party: “Remember what the foe did…”

Kinah 18

Beyond Room – “You assured us, “I will be exceedingly good to you,” which, according to some commentaries, includes empowering us to Collect Sparks of Greatness in the Diaspora.

Kinah 19

Mistakes: “And the shame is on us.”

Kinah 27

A Different Perspective: “ She who is as beautiful as Tirtzah.”

Kinah 31

A Portion In The World To Come: “Happiness and joy; gone are sorrow and sighing, when I return to Jerusalem.

Small Steps-Giant Leaps

Kinah 34

Halfway There– The murder of Zechariah

Kinah 45

The King At The Door

Kinah 49

The Bath That Made Yom Kippur

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