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Kinah 7-Part Two-Wings of Eagles

When did Hashem use “the wings of eagles”? When all the Jews got together for the paschal sacrifice, how is it that they all knew where to be and when, because Moshe didn’t specify it to them, and how was it that there wasn’t fighting and shoving in line and mass chaos?


“The wings of eagles” doesn’t mean that Hashem sent magical eagles to pick us all up; it means that everyone had a sense of where they needed to be, how to get there, and how they needed to act. This was a perfect moment where everyone knows where they need to be and are content with it, a moment absent of all the little tension that would arise with so many people all going to do the same thing. This is the magic of it and that is “the wings of eagles”, it felt like we were being carried because we just knew what to do.  Rashi says that “the wings of eagles” is just that moment in leaving Egypt where everyone knew where to stand how to act and the whole thing devoid of any chaos, tension, or frustration. And this is what it is suppose to be like when the Messiah comes, all Jews have a sense of being carried and knowing where to go without debate about who is right or who is wrong, who’s better than who, there is no pushing or shoving just respect and dignity and kaavod, and that what a relationship with Hashem is suppose to be and that it how it was in the temple when it was first built.

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