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Kinah 38: All For One!

O’ Zion, most desirable crown, joy for your multitudes;
Accept blessings of peace.

Which blessing of peace?

R. Judah contrasted the following passages: “And the ends of the staves were seen,” (Kings I 8:8) and it is written, “but they could not be seen without,” (Ibid) — how is that possible?
They could be observed, but not actually seen.
Thus was it also taught: ‘And the ends of the staves were seen,” one might have assumed that they did not protrude from their place. To teach us [the fact] Scripture says: ‘And the staves were so long’.
One might assume that they tore the curtain and showed forth; to teach us [the
fact] Scripture says: ‘They could not be seen without’. How then? They pressed forth and protruded as the two breasts of a woman, as it is said: “My beloved is unto me as a bag of myrrh, that lies between my breasts.” (Song of Songs 1:13)

R. Kattina said: Whenever Israel came up to the Festival, the curtain would be removed for them and the Cherubim were shown to them, whose bodies were intertwined with one another, and they would be thus addressed: “Look! You are beloved before God as the love between man and woman.” (Yoma 54a)

Rabbi Joshua b. Levi said: Scripture Says: So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, associated as one man: thus the verse made them as Torah scholars…the Divine Law purified the uncleanness of the ‘am ha-arez a during the Festival. Chagigah 26a

When we were all connected as one, all with the equal status of Chaveirim, we would merit to see physical expressions of God’s love for us.

When we fight, argue and bicker, when we hate without good cause, when we resent without attempting to repair, we lose those moments when we, in our unity, are automatically so purified that the Temple gates are opened and we can see the Temple Vessels, touch them in purity, and witness God’s love.

We bless Zion that all her children shall live unified, equal and connected in peace.

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