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Kinah 30: The Temple Within

“The celestial palaces, the heavens that house You,
are filled with Your splendor, yet they cannot contain You.
How much less so the Temple?”

A small group of friends made a commitment to each other as they in a cattle car on the way to Auschwitz: “We will maintain our own and each other’s dignity. We will always greet each other with great respect. We will share whatever we have. We will keep each other as clean as possible. We will always discuss important matters as if we were still studying together in Yeshiva.” They all survived. They were the only ones of their train to live. Eliezer Berkovitz – With God In Hell: Judaism in The Ghettos & The Deathcamps

“They shall make a Sanctuary for Me – so that I may dwell among them.” (Exodus 25:8) “So that I may dwell among them,” I will dwell in the heart of each Jew.

Rav Berkovitz and his friends discovered how to keep the Temple alive within themselves. Although this Kinah weeps for the Temple, we are able to keep alive the Temple that lives in our hearts.

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