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Kinah 20: Piercing The Clouds

“Incline Your ear, my Lord, to the licentious ones who blaspheme saying, ‘Whom do I have to fear in heaven?”

One of the major themes in Eichah – Lamentations, and Tisha B’Av is, “You wrapped Yourself in a cloud that no prayer can pierce.” (Lamentations 3:44) Our prayers are blocked by a cloud, God’s cloud.

Rabbi Akiva was standing in trial before Tineus Rufus and Joshua the grits-dealer was standing in prayer with him. A cloud descended and enveloped them, so the latter said, “It seems to me that the cloud has descended and enveloped us only that the Rabbi’s prayer should not be heard.” (Eichah Rabba 3:44)

As long as we have prayer, we have hope. When God Himself blocks our prayers we lose all hope. In this Kinah we wonder, “If God ignores the blasphemy of our enemies, how can we believe that He hears our prayers?”

We empower our prayers to pierce the clouds by arguing not for ourselves, but for God’s glory. We want God to silence those who deny Him. Once the skies are opened to that prayer, the others will rise up with them.

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