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Kinah 16: Remember!

The world was shocked and horrified by the images of the concentration camps. General Eisenhower insisted that the scenes be recorded for posterity. No one could deny the Holocaust.

This was the first time that the world understood the suffering of the Jewish people. No one was horrified by the Babylonian massacres. There were no films of the horrors perpetrated by the Romans. The world was silent after the Crusades. No one other than the people of Israel cried over the countless pogroms, expulsions and blood libels. We needed to cry, “Remember!” No one else gave our suffering any thought. No one was horrified. The Holocaust was different. The world joined us in “Remember!” Everyone was on our “side.”

No more. Governments massacre their citizens and no one yells in outrage. Israel defends itself and the world condemns us. It seems that they have forgotten. It is no longer verboten to deny the Holocaust. We find our cries of “Remember” to be our own. People are not listening.

We cannot share “Remember!” When others demanded “Remember” with us we began to rely on them. We wanted people to believe in us. We had never experienced the world’s sympathy. We were desperate for the validation. So desperate, that now we flounder as the world again turns against us, and the cry of “Remember” is again only ours.

When we cry “Remember” we recall not only tragedy but our successes and greatness. When we are the only ones who “Remember” we draw on our inner strength. We fight for our survival, not the world’s approbation.

This Kinah of “Remember” is ours, and ours alone.

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