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Tisha b’Av-Kinah 13-Clarity

Transcribed by Michael Beller: How are you supposed to know where is this sense of clarity? People always think their way is the right way and everyone else is wrong so where is this clarity?


It is very easy to find what’s wrong in what other people are doing, what you don’t like, what doesn’t resonate. It is much more difficult to say this is what is right, important, and true, than to point out what’s wrong with what someone else is doing. As long as we don’t have any sense of clarity how is one supposed to believe that this is what will bring the messiah.

Isaiah even says to Hashem, as long as there is no clarity in this world you have no right to expect anything from us, because people don’t know and therefore the first one who is going to have to reach out is you not us. The service really has to be about defining one issue in which you want clarity.

When someone gives up finding true clarity just to accept something as fact it is like Eve leaving the Garden of Eden to be with Adam. Eve sacrificed her greatness to be with Adam instead of Adam having to live up to her greatness, and this is what chazal is critical about when talking about women not Eve’s sin because she did not commit a sin, Adam did.

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