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Amidah-Ki Tisa-The Grace of Knowledge

The truth of the matter is that man’s mind is not equipped to perceive the reality of God’s existence, as it is said, “Can you find out the deepness of God (Job 11:7).” This is what Moses asked for when he said, “Shown me, I pray of You, Your glory (Exodus 33:18).” In this week’s parsha, Moses requested and obtained knowledge of His actual existence.” God said to him, “The understanding that you seek is not within the realm of human ability, save as a gift of Divine Grace. I shall give it to you, so that you will perceive what no man has known before you or shall know after you.” (Introduction to Ben Porat Yosef)


“You graciously endow man with knowledge.” In this phrase of the Amidah we acknowledge that all knowledge is a gift of Divine Grace, and therefore each gift of knowledge opens up the possibility of perceiving that which is beyond the realm of human ability. It is at this point that we can request to know more than our meager human abilities allow.

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