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Shabbat Prayer-Ki Tisa-Resting Forever

The 11th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Avraham Borenstein of Sochatchov: “For six days work may be done and the seventh day is a day of complete rest (Exodus 31:15).” Rashi comments that it is not enough to refrain only from Halacha Kli prohibited activities, a temporary rest, but one must rest completely, so that he will be free for sacred activities in honor of His Creator. If the Shabbat rest is only for a single day. It is only a temporary rest. The prohibition of working on Shabbat is forever; it is only that when the Shabbat leaves, it is as if the person has entered an entirely new world, one in which work is permitted.  (Rav Avraham of Sochatchov quoted by his son in Shem Mishmuel)


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