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Parsha Mitzvot-Ki Tisa-Mitzvah 112 – Concept 203

“Lest you seal a covenant with the inhabitant of the land and stray after their gods, slaughter to their gods, and he invite you and you eat from his slaughter. (Exodus 34:15) We may not drink wine poured in the service of idols. (Rambam, Hilchot Ma’achalot Assurot – The Laws of Forbidden Foods) The Rambam derives this law from Deuteronomy 32:38. The Sefer HaChinuch adds the prohibition to eat meat slaughtered in the service of idols.

The Torah stresses that although the Canaanites would be prepared to accept the seven Noachide Laws as a pre-condition to a covenant, the Israelites must not conclude such a covenant with them. The reason is that these nations would display an irresistible temptation to engage in idolatry with their former deities as they do not truly believe in God.

A Jew is considered as having participated in such a meal from the moment he has accepted the invitation!

Or HaChaim Hakadosh

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