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Parsha Mitzvot-Ki Tisa-Mitzvah 107 – Concept 307

“Of it you shall make oil of sacred anointment, a blended compound, the handiwork of a perfumer; it shall remain oil of sacred atonement.” (Exodus 30:25) We are commanded to prepare the anointing oil. (Rambam, Hilchot Klei Hamikdash V’Haovdim Bo – The Laws of the Temple Vessels and Employees)

God desired that the nation should function on two levels: The human level, represented at its highest by the king, who was anointed with this oil, and the Godly, represented by Aaron and his children the Cohanim, also anointed with this oil.

Moshe the prophet made the oil, which lives on forever even after his death, for such is the power of Moshe to bring eternal life to all he does.

The oil demonstrates God’s choice of this person. It also helps the person prepare to receive the Divine Abundance necessary to fulfill his mission. (Abravanel)

We must always remember that we function in this world on both the Mundane and Divine levels. We must use the eternal Torah to acknowledge that we have been selected to serve God and to prepare ourselves to receive Divine Abundance to help us succeed.

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