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Ki Tisa-Demotion As The Remedy

The Kotzker read from the Dubner Maggid’s book the following story: A courtier, the nephew of the Premier, was guilty of misbehavior on several occassions. The Premier interceded for him the king and won royal forgiveness. Once, however, the courtier’s misconduct was so heinous that his uncle was ashamed to approach his master on behalf of the culprit. He loved his nephew, nevertheless, and desiring to save him, he went to the king and said,


“The offender’s reason for misbehaving was his belief that I would intercede for him. The best remedy, therefore, would be for you to demote me. The knowledge that I shall no longer be able to secure his immunity from punishment will cure him of his evil behavior.”

In this week’s parsha, Moshe interceded many times for Israel, but when they worshipped the Golden Calf, he begged of God, “Blot me out, I pray of You (Exodus 32:32).” Siach Sarfei Kodesh II, 27

Taking It With You: When reciting the Vidui (Confession) and Tachanun Supplication, reflect on the fact that we do not have anyone to intercede on our behalf, and that we must turn directly to God.

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