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Shema-Ki Tisa-Brazen Good

The construction of the Mishkan is considered a Tikkun for the sin of the Golden Calf found in this week’s portion. In the Academy on high they reply that it is permitted for a penitent to go with the same brazenness and the same desire, and then to bend his Urge and not violate God’s will. As a result, “his transgression is removed and his sin is atoned (Isaiah 6:7).”


This is not only true of sins involving an inappropriate relationship, but of all sins, such as malicious gossip and the like. One must go into it, and then bend over his Urge in order to completely rectify the sin. (Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Komarna, Zohar Chai, Pinchas)

“Blessed are You, God, our Lord, King of the Universe, Who forms light and creates darkness (Blessings of Shema).” We mention the creation of darkness, because we can use this same brazenness and desire used to sin, to create light and do good.

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