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In Tanna d’Bei Eliyahu Zuta 2, God’s qualities are enumerated. One quality is satisfaction with His lot. We are taught that Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin asked his rebbi, the Vilna Gaon the meaning of this statement. The Gaon replied, “The statement means that God is satisfied with His people, Israel, no matter in what state He finds them. God still loves us, even though our state of holiness is far below that of our fathers.” (Michtevei haRav Chafetz Chaim, page 47)


The blessing immediately before the Shema, both in the morning and evening, declare God’s love for us: “Who chooses His people Israel with love,” and “Who loves His nation Israel.” It is at this point when we declare God’s love for Israel, just before He demands, in the Shema, that we love Him, when we can say to God, “We have been taught that Your love for us is expressed in Your being satisfied with our state of holiness no matter be how lacking we may be. We therefore request that You express that love, that satisfaction with our state of holiness, by speedily redeeming us and rebuilding Jerusalem.”

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