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Iyun Yaakov: Vayigash: Honoring Parents

The 6th of Tevet is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Reischer, author of Minchas Yaakov, Chok Yaakov, Iyun Yaakov (Peirush on Eyn Yaakov), and Shevus Yaakov (1661-1733). Born in Prague. Served as Rav in Reische, Worms, and Metz. [9 Shvat, according to Yated 2007, 2008].

The Talmud teaches that Yaakov was punished with Yosef’s absence for 22 years because he spent 22 years away from Isaac and Rebecca not fulfilling the Mitzvah of Kibud Av v’eim. The 14 years that he studied Torah were not included in his punishment because the study of Torah is greater than the Mitzvah of honoring parents.

It appears to me that the 22 years of Yosef’s absence were not a punishment but a natural consequence.  A child learns how to honor his parents from the way in which his parents honor theirs. Joseph did not see Yaakov honoring Isaac and therefore did not learn how to properly honor his father, Yaakov. (Iyun Yaakov, Megillah 16b)

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