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Shabbat Prayers: Iyun Tefillah: Nishmat

The 4th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Tzvi Mecklenberg, author of HaKesav Vehakabala and Iyun Tefillah (1785-1865). “He Who liberates, rescues, sustains, answers and is merciful in every time of distress and anguish.” “Liberates,” from those who are causing pain to a person, or even from pain caused by a persons desires. “Rescues,” from those who are physically attacking us  with strength.


“Distress and anguish,” describes both external distress, and in your, of emotional distress.

“Until now Your mercy has helped us, and Your kindness has not forsaken us, God, our Lord.” This that God has helped us until now is an expression of Is compassion, and not a reflection of what we have merited. This that God has not forsaken us is an expression of His kindness. Therefore we can trust and rely that He will never abandon us except to warn us that we can forfeit a degree of His compassion  with our sins. However, we can never forfeit even a degree of His kindness. (Iyun Tefillah)

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