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Iyun Tefillah – Korbanot II

“Rei-ach ni-choach,” – “A satisfying aroma,” – is more accurately translated a “spirit of humility.” Humility is the most basic purpose of all the offerings, which includes lowering the passionate physical desires before God. The person bringing the offering must consider each step of the offering as if it should have been done to him for sinning against God. It is as if the person is saying that ”I acknowledge that I should direct all of my energy and passion toward Your service.”
The “rei-ach,” or aroma, indicates the person’s Ruach, or spirit. “Ni-choach,” is to lower, as when Moshe lowered his hands during the battle with Amalek. The double “chet” in “Ni-choach,” is meant to reflect the extra effort we make at humbling ourselves before God.

One should keep all these ideas in mind when reciting the Korbanot each morning.

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