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Iyar & Healing

The Month of Iyar is the most auspicious to pray for healing, for it was in Iyar that the Manna, which healed all who ate it, began to fall. This part of Manna’s nature became part of the

essence of this month. (B’nei Yisaschar)

The Gematria of Iyar equals AR”C – 221 –which is the root of “ARuCha U’marpai,” healing that leads to longer physical and spiritual life. (Avodat Yisrael – Likkutim)

Psalm 6, the psalm that celebrates David’s healing from spiritual illness concludes with “my foes be shamed and utterly confounded,’ “Oyivai yshuvu yaivoshu, roga,” which spells out Iyar. “I am God, Your Healer,” “Ani Hashem Rofecha,” also spells out Iyar. We see from here that Iyar is the best month in which to pray for healing. (Chatam Sofer, Shabbat 147b)

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