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Tisha B’Av-Introduction to Kinah 1

Transcribed by Michael Beller: Midda k’neged midda, which is “measure for measure”, this idea is brought up in Gemara when they begin to discuss Olam haBah, the World to Come, for the first time. When you look at this period historically the Gemara begins talking about Olam haBah when Christianity is beginning, and Christianity’s emphasis was on the World to Come not this world. With all the destruction and hardships the Jews had experienced the ease of getting reward in the World to Come in Christianity and their emphasis on the coming life appealed to many Jews. The gemara had to make a statement that even though we as Jews are very focused on this world, but only in order to create a much more powerful reality in the World to Come, so Chazal wanted to introduce the concept of actions and effects.

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