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Interview With The Cohen Gadol

The BNN, The Biblical News Network, is proud to announce that we have been granted the privilege of an exclusive interview with the Cohen Gadol, focusing on his experiences in the Kodesh Hakodashim, The Holy of Holies, over the past 25 years.

Rabbi Aronson has agreed to accept questions from our readers and listeners. We invite you to add your questions in the comment area below.

We offer a list of questions suggested by the BNN staff, all of whom are arguing for a seat at the interview:

1. Can you describe in general terms what it is like to be inside the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur?
2. Are you nervous before entering?
3. Does it get easier for you each time you enter?
4. Was the experience this past Yom Kippur, your 25th as Cohen Gadol as it was in the early years?
5. Do you enjoy the parade when the service is over? Or, would you prefer to be alone for a while?
6. Does your sense of your service change? What is it like for you to perform the service on the day following Yom Kippur?
7. Has your week of separation and preparation changed over the years?
8. Is it difficult for you to return to “normal” life after being in the Holy of Holies?
9. Does it bother you when the Sages ask that you take an oath to observe all the details of the service after having served as Cohen Gadol for so many years?
10. Do you feel that you are a better Cohen having served as Cohen Gadol for so long?
11. Have your experiences in the Holy of Holies changed the way you teach and guide other Cohanim?

Please submit your questions for our Thursday interview. Stay tuned for our live interview on for our MP3 broadcast, and to for our printed record.

The BNN Staff

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