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Interview With Moses – Part One – Emunah Water

This is a BNN Special Report: We are standing outside Moshe’s tent waiting to begin our exclusive interview with the great leader.

The interview was originally scheduled for last month, but, as you know, Miriam, Moshe’s sister, passed way, and we rescheduled for after Shivah. Little did we know that by the time we would meet with Moshe that he would announce that he had been sentenced to die in the desert, never to enter the Land of Israel.

Will Moshe be different after this latest catastrophe? We will soon see.

Joshua has beckons us into the tent and is serving delicious Manna cakes and water. “Is the water still called Miriam’s Well”” we asked.

He smiled at us, “Why not?”

“Her well dried up after her death leading to, … you know, and people are not sure how to refer to the water from the rock.”

“I suggest that you ask Moshe,” he said as he led us into the Moshe’s office.

We are uncomfortable as Moshe rises to greet us. None of us have ever been so close to this man who had led us for close to 40 years.

He certainly does not seem depressed. He also seems unusually strong and vibrant for a young man, certainly not a man who is almost 120 years old. As experienced as we, the senior correspondents of the BNN, are, we are overwhelmed by this meeting.

Moshe senses our discomfort and rather than wait for our interview to begin, mentions, “Joshua told me that people do not know how to refer to the water from the rock.”

We haven’t been able to print labels for the new water, but I can tell you that we decided to name it “Emunah.”

We are shocked; Emunah?

“I am sure that you recall that one of the first things I said about the nation was, ‘But they will not believe me, – Ya’aminu – and they will not heed my voice, for they will say, ‘God did not appear to you.’” (Exodus 4:1)

“Of course we remember! But, what does that have to do with the water from the rock?”

“Are you aware of what happened with the rock?”

“You spoke and it didn’t work, and then…”

“Excuse me for interrupting, but when you say, ‘It didn’t work,’ don’t you mean that, ‘It did not heed my voice?’”

We stared at Moshe with our mouths wide open. He was right!

He continued, “I accused the Jews of not believing, and God was angry with Aaron and me, “Because you did not believe in Me!”

There was a heavy silence in the tent as we considered Moshe’s words: He predicted that the people would not heed his voice, and the rock did not heed his voice. He accused them of not believing and he ends up being accused of not believing!

Ever the teacher, Moshe continued, “Do you recall how God responded when I predicted that the people would not believe?”

“God said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ and he said, ‘A staff.’ He said, ‘Cast it on the ground,’ and he cast it on the ground and it became a snake, Moses fled from it. God said to Moses, ‘Stretch out your hand and grasp its tail.’ He stretched out his hand and grasped it tightly, and it became a staff in his palm. ‘So that they shall believe that God, the Lord of their forefathers, appeared to you, the Lord of Abraham, the Lord of Isaac, and the Lord of Jacob.” (Exodus 4:2-5)

“I’m happy you know your Bible. Do you realize that after the rock ‘did not heed my voice,’ that I sinned with my staff?”

We were shocked. Moshe was telling us that the seeds of the famous rock story had been planted in his first meeting with God!

“And there’s more…” he said…

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