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In The Final Moments



“So shall you eat it; your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; you shall eat it in haste – it is a Pesach-Offering to God.”

So why did they have to rush out the next morning before their dough had time to rise? They were told in advance that they would have to rush! The Egyptians rushed them out.

They were not rushing. They ate their offering in a rush; belts ready, shoes on their feet, staffs in hand, and the Egyptians had to rush them out?

What delayed them?
The same things that delayed Noah in the final moments before he entered the ark he had spent 120 years building: Last minute doubts.

Even the great ones, the Noahs, the Israelites ready to leave Egypt have last minute doubts.

Right at the start, the same people who risked their lives in order to follow all the instructions for the Paschal-Offering, had last minute doubts, hesitations, and questions.

Yes, even the great ones can hesitate.

This too is part of what we must teach our children as part of the story of the Exodus; that they too can hesitate, they too can doubt, they too can ask.

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