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Shabbat Prayers: Imrei Emet: The Musaf of the Ba’al Teshuva

“The continual offerings in their order, and the Additional offerings, according to their laws.” The Midrash (Devarim Rabbah) teaches that one who forgot to pray the Additional Service on the Sabbath, and the time has come to pray the

Afternoon Service; he should first pray the Afternoon Service, and only afterward, the Additional Service.

This can be explained by the teaching of the Sefat Emet (Netzavim 5633) that the Afternoon Service reflects the level of the Tzaddik Gammur, the completely righteous, but the Additional Service reflects the level of the one restoring his relationship with God, the Ba’al Teshuva.

The idea of Addition, is to add light to that which already exists on the Sabbath. Therefore, the Continual Offerings are brought, “in their order,” for they have a specific time and place. However, the Additional Service does not have a set time per se, for it reflects the Ba’al Teshuva who can at any second restore his connection to Above. Imrei Emet

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