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I'm So Concerned For You!



Moses, I care about you. You are like a son to me. I don’t want you to go because, “See, there is evil destined for you!”

Ludicrous, isn’t it?

Moses and Aaron deliver their warning of the devastation of the locusts. Pharaoh’s servants are desperate, “Egypt is destroyed!”

Moses and Aaron are summoned.
“OK, Go. Who is going?”
He’s negotiatiing!?

“See, there is evil destined for you!”
Now, you tell me? Why didn’t you mention it, let us say, about 6 or 7 plagues ago?

Rashi says that Pharaoh was right! Pharaoh was a great astrologer and saw a bloody future for Israel. In fact, when God wanted to wipe out Israel after the Golden Calf, Moses argued that Pharaoh would be proven right and that Israel was destined for death in the desert.

Until that moment, Pharaoh did not know the prediction of the stars, because until that moment it was not written in the stars. Until that moment even the idea of Israel leaving Egypt was not a reality. It was only then, when Pharaoh began to bend, that it became a reality, and only then could Pharaoh read their future in the stars.

Wait a second! How can I say that it was not a reality until that moment? God knew that Israel would leave.

God, of course, knew that they would be freed, but not according to any law or system; not according to the rules of nature and not according to the system of astrology. Israel would be freed and would leave, but only as an expression of God’s Will. No rules would apply.

When the writing appeared in the stars, Pharaoh felt that now it was something he knew how to manage. His servants were desperate, at the very edge of open rebellion, but Pharaoh stood firm; He actually began to believe AFTER 7 plagues that NOW, at this moment, he could manage the situation.

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