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We know that they did not listen to Moshe. We posit that part of the reason lay with Moshe, who approached them without a mission and with a partially broken spirit.

We also pointed out that they did not reject Moshe in anger, but simply because they were too busy.

Perhaps there is another way to read “Kotzer Ruah’: their spirits too, were limited, not broken, but limited. We know that their spirits were not broken because these people, who were definitely angry, as they made clear in the previous portion, these people who lacked the courage to stand with Moshe before Pharaoh, still had enough spirit to not reject Moshe in their anger. They did not listen because of limited spirit and hard work; otherwise they would have listened!

Imagine their situation, how much worse it became since Moshe first arrived, and they still want to believe. Their spirits may have been limited, but definitely, not broken. There was hope BECAUSE they still wanted to hope!

There is more to come, still working at it…

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