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Hodu: Seek God

“Search out God and His might, seek His Presence always.” (Chronicles I 16:11) Rabbi Slomo Halevi Alkabetz (Ayelet Aheivim 1:2) quotes his Rebbi, Rabbi Yosef Tzitzick as teaching that one who begins to perfect himself to begin a quest for D’veikut – Attachment to God – Heaven responds to this person with the influence to accomplish his mission and responds to him as if he has already succeeded. He compares this to a story in the Talmu (Ta’anit 8b) in which Rabbi Zeira taught that by simply accepting to fast and pray for rain we accomplish a level as if we had already fasted. The Angel told Daniel (Daniel 10:12) “Do not fear Daniel. For from the day you set in your heart to understand and to fast before your Lord, your words have been heard.” Daniel only had to set his mission in his heart.

ToolsWhen we begin to “Search out God and Seek His Presence” it is considered as if we already achieved that high level of attachment. All it need is a true commitment.

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