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Morning Blessings: Higher Sight

“Who gives sight to the blind.” (Based on Psalms146:8) We do not celebrate or acknowledge that God grants us sight. We thank God for giving sight to the blind.

Part of our service of God is to appreciate that the root of the Heavenly gift of sight is not for use in this world. Physical sight is only a small aspect of the higher spiritual vision that we have been granted. 

This is the gift to see God’s Presence in each and every detail of creation. Higher sight allows us to study a verse of God’s Torah and discover some of its secrets. We can use Higher sight to then apply the revealed secrets in practical ways.

Higher sight allows us to have clarity when faced with a difficult situation and maintain our perspective.

Higher sight is the key to “Yirat Shamayim” – Awe of God – which develops from “Yirah” – to see.

Higher sight empowers us to apply the principles of the Oral Law to new situations and to ‘see’ how to apply Torah to this new challenge.

Once we have learned how to use Higher Sight, we can then safely use our physical sight without being distracted from our Spiritual Vision. “Now I know that you are a beautiful woman,” Abraham said to Sarah. He had learned to use his Higher Sight and to use his physical vision in the context of his spiritual vision.

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