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Heart Plaques

Perhaps I was wrong about the plaques. I would definitely hate seeing plaques in the Third Temple, although if one of you, my dear friends, wants to dedicate the Weinberg Holy of Holies, or even better, the Weinberg Foundation Stone, I will be honored! Embarrassed, but honored. Humble, of course, but honored. The correct spelling is W-E-I-N-B-E-R-G.
It would be tacky and distasteful, but in an important way, it wouldn’t make a difference.
“V’ asu li Mikdash, vishachanto bisocham” “Make a Sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell inside of them.” God does not say that He will rest His Presence on the stones, wood and metal of the Tabernacle and Temple, but rather inside the hearts of all those who participate in its construction and upkeep. The Divine Presence on the walls and vessels and clothes is only a reflection of the level of the Divine Presence that rest inside the hearts of Israel.

The plaques do not belong on the walls, but inside the hearts of those who want to participate in this great endeavor. There will be a Weinberg Holy of Holies, I least I hope so, but the plaque will be in my heart if I can achieve that level of awareness of God’s Presence in my life. And there will be a Teitelbbaum Holy of Holies, and a Rosenberg Holy of Holies and a Gutmacher Ark, and a Sher Foundationstone and a Salvay Incense Altar and a Rosenberg II Menorah etc. In our hearts. Bisocham.

The sanctity of the items I dedicate in a synagogue or school or soup kitchen is only a reflection of the level of Presence in our hearts.
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