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The Talmud in Ta’anit 29a, charges us to act to increase our joy once the month of Adar begins.

We do not have such a concept with the month of Nissan – the month of Redemption. We do not begin the Month of Sivan, which is actually described in the Torah as beginning with preparations for the Revelation on Shavuot. Just on Adar.

Why is Adar different? Why does this month have the special obligation of Simcha – Happiness?

And no – Marbim B’simcha – does NOT mean that Simcha must put on some weight.

The miracle of Purim was not the same as the miracles of Pesach and Shavu’ot. God changed the course of nature in order to bring Israel out of Egypt. The plagues, the splitting of the sea, the Manna, the Water from the Rock, every day of the first Nissan was miraculous. The first Sivan prepared us to live beyond the course of nature; we heard the sights and we saw the sounds. We tasted Infinite Existence.

The miracle of Purim was entirely a reflection of our efforts. God’s Hand was hidden. We were forced to act on our own. We learned to recognize what we could accomplish without turning to the miraculous. Adar is the month celebrate the possibilities of our lives without needing the miraculous, just the miracle of our own existence. There is no greater joy.

Adar is the month of the greatest joy. We do not need to look outside of ourselves, to something beyond the rules of nature to discover possibilities. They are all within us.

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