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Hallel Shorts

The true praise is when all of us are unified.
This is describing what all are already doing in response to a miracle. We are supposed to be doing more.
Part of Hallel is the recognition that He is above all forms of Hallel. This is signified by His glory being above the heavens.
We are still comparing how limited is the praise of the other nations. This obviously is also a reminder to us not to fall into the same traps.
This is a theme that will repeat itself with David; that which is High comes down to us, the arrogant are lowered, and the humble are lifted. Why is this essential to Hallel?
Hashem’s greatness in terms that are beyond us, yet He is concerned for the weak etc.

We are singing with the joy of all songs past.

We are singing because we are servants of Hashem. The world was sinning until we sang Hallel. It is the praise of the world to its Creator. For some reason the Sages saw that we had to become servants of God in order to sing Hallel. Unless we recognize that we are servants we cannot sing Hallel.
We are singing because Hashem made us His servants.

We are referring to the letters of Hashem’s name that were used in the creation of this and the Future world. This also seems to be saying that Hashem sings with us.
We are not completely the servants of Hashem if it is not also acknowledged by all the people of the world.

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