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Hallel: Seventh Paragraph: The Shine of Hallel

Psalm 117: The Seventh Paragraph: The Shine of Hallel
“All you nations; Praise God! Sing compliments, all you peoples! For His kindness overpowers us, and God’s Truth is forever. Hallelukah!”

The word Hallel is derived from “Hilo” or Halo. Hallel means to shine. It is a form of sharing the light of your joy with others so that they too will be inspired to sing.
Hallel is Halachically considered “Pirsumei Nissa” – Publicizing a Miracle. It is to give off light. It is a way to share God’s light with others.

Hallel is always associated with the attribute of Hod – The Undifferentiated Glory of God inherent in all creations. Hod also means to thank – L’hodot. True Hoda’ah – expressions of gratitude – always lead others to thank and praise God

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