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Hallel-Rosh Chodesh Shevat-Fifth Paragraph

“All you nations; Praise God!

Sing compliments, all you peoples!

For His kindness overpowers us, and God’s Truth is forever.



Based on Kavanot for Rosh Chodesh Shevat

The Impact of Our Choices: Our expression of gratitude in the Amida in the 18th blessing – Modim – is immediately followed by a universal expression of thanks: “v’chol ha’chaim.” The second paragraph of Benching – Grace After Meals – begins with Israel’s gratitude – Nodeh – and is followed by a common expression of appreciation: “Befi kol Chai”. The measure of a proper Thank You is its effect on those who hear it: Are they inspired to thank God?

Kavana: “We will act this month in such ways that our actions will inspire others to connect with You.

Transformation: Kavana: We pray for a world transformed, a world in which all nations will join us in praising God.

Teshuva: Kavana: We aspire to a love of God that reflects, “For His kindness overpowers us,” and leads to Teshuva from love. (See, “Reflections on Free Choice, Part One, and Two.”)

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