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Hallel: Rosh Chodesh Kislev III

“God remembered us and will bless –
Bless the House of Israel –
Bless the House of Aaron –
Bless those who are in awe of God, the insignificant with the great.
God will enhance you – you and your children.
You are blessed to God Who made the heavens and the earth.
The heavens are God’s, while the earth has been given to people.
The dead do not praise the Creator of Worlds,
nor do those who go down to their doom. But we – we praise the Creator of Worlds – From now and forever –

From Kavanot For Rosh Chodesh Kislev
“People choose how what they ‘see’ in a situation and how to react. The Sages waited a year before officially instituting Chanukah, to determine how Israel would view the Chanukah miracle and which lessons they would take from the experience and apply to their lives.

Chanukah is a celebration of a nation in military and political distress that chose to view their situation exactly the opposite way from which the Canaanites viewed Jacob’s funeral procession.”

The Shefa – Divine Abundance – we receive during Kislev allows us to see the world and events through the same lens as the Sages at the time of the Chanukah story.  We sing this paragraph of Hallel to celebrate our ability to live with a sense of blessing, which is the greatest blessing; it is the ability to find blessing everywhere in our lives.

We must sing this paragraph with a mental list of important blessings in our current lives.

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