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Hallel as Shirah: Paragraph Six

“God is a Master of war (Exodus 15:3).”  God is not like a King of flesh and blood, for the flesh and blood enters war with many soldiers, and when he goes to make peace, brings just a few with him. God, however, when He goes to war, goes alone, “God is a Master of war,” and when He goes for peace, brings tens of thousands with Him, as the verse says, “The Lord’s entourage is twice ten thousand, thousands of angels; My Master is among them, at Sinai in holiness (Psalms 68:18).” (Sifrei, Beha’alotecha 102:25)


This paragraph of Hallel as Shirah is a celebration of the Haggadah theme: “I, and not an Angel. I and not a Seraph. I, and not an agent. I am He, and there is no other!” Pesach allows us to experience the individual relationship each has with God; that we can turn directly to Him in times of trouble, and that He directly responds, Himself, and not through an agent. This is the source of our Protection, Salvation, and Success. This is the sense we will have when we dance around His Altar in the Beit Hamikdash.

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