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The Foundation Stone Haggadah: Rasha: Without Direction

We say “Because of this” to matzah and marror, meaning these two things caused and continue to cause us to be free. How Matzah represents the realization that we are


living to eat. Marror represents the feelings of bitterness we have in our lives. It’s because of these two things together that we have freedom. In other words, you may not be clear on the meaning and purpose of life, and maybe you feel your life is a little bitter, but realizing it is bitter because of its lack in meaning is freedom.


What we often do is apportion blame for the bitterness in our lives to very superficial items: not enough money, health, etc. If we were to realize that the bitterness is due to our lack of true direction in life, we would, without a doubt, focus our energies and efforts to find a true and meaningful path.

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