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The Foundation Stone Haggadah: Maggid: A Lesson in Living

Each Jewish holiday is a lesson in life. Pesach is a lesson in freedom. It’s a freedom that gave the Jewish people it’s power to achieve what it has. It is a freedom that is available at the time of Pesach to help you achieve whatever you want. A person with freedom in their hand knows no bounds, they can do whatever they wish, change whatever they want, they are free to change themselves and change the world!


One should be aware that not all shackles are made of iron. Slavery takes many forms. Once slavery becomes a way of life the slave may even become unaware of his own servitude. The Haggadah is a simulation experience in freedom. It points out to us our slavery as well as our choices. If we look at the Haggadah as a seminar on how to be truly free we can leave Pesach as the Jewish people left Egypt — free.

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