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The Foundation Stone Haggadah: Karpas: A Message of Unity 2

In the posting Urchatz, A message of Unity, I wrote about using the step of Urchatz to be challenged and choose to see the good in other people. We need to recalibrate our views in order to want to do that. How, well we step out of ourselves, not self serving our need of feeling important, unique, better than the others, to see others as they are, and to choose to see the “good” parts that give them beauty.

This is the preamble to eating Karpas, the 3rd step in the seder. Karpas, according to our Sages is related to Joseph’s coat of many colors. Why? Joseph was unique and he treasured his own view of the world. For some reason, this trigger anger and jealousy in the brothers, which eventually lead them to throw him into the pit, being sold to the Ishmaelites and be brought to Egypt to start the seed of the process of servitude and redemption.

So what provokes our jealousy? Jealousy is only the result of not understanding what each of our purpose is in this world and that it is unique to each of us. If I were truly and absolutely clear that Hashem created only one “me” it is therefore for me to understand that I have been born with certain tools and challenges, custom-made to my purpose. If that is true, then wanting somebody else’s is not going to perfect me, it will essentially be a mismatch. So why do we so often want what somebody else has, is, etc. There is a part of us that intercepts with our fundamental work in this world, and that part is our ego. The part that tell us we know better, and it is this control we exercise that puts us into trouble. Then we blame it on G-d. Why are you G-D doing this to ME!!!!

So the Karpas, the coat of many colors is a pull down to make us realize that if I understand my purpose I should not be threaten by somebody else’s existence, and if I am not threaten, then I can see the other person’s beauty for what it is as opposed to how it relates to ME. So understanding my roadwork, allows us to free ourselves from our own EGO and control to be able to see others and choose to see beauty

We all have a place in this world, otherwise, there is no purpose for us to be in this plane. G-d in his infinite wisdom, created all of us for a distinct goal. At the time of the ultimate redemption, this will be quite clear. We will all unify to be able to experience complete clarity of our own and collective purpose. It is as if the world would be wearing a coat of many colors, out of which each of us will a nuance contributing to its total beauty and unity. It will only work if all the parts are working together, each withn its own and unique purpose. Only now we are ready for Yachatz.

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