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Haggadah-While Others Suffer

The 5th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe Rokeach, Kiev-Zlotchover Rebbe. The Zlotchover lived in great poverty. Once a man asked him, “since God listens to the prayers of the righteous and fulfills the requests, why do you not ask Him for sustenance?”


The Rabbi replied, “There was a King who proclaimed a feast during the wedding festivities of his daughter. He decreed that savory food and drink be given to everyone who called at the court during the stated period. But the Princess became dangerously ill, and the king’s joy turned into mourning. Several visitors from other cities arrived at the palace at this time. Those of finer nature left at once upon hearing the sad news and did nothing to disturb the court’s grief. But one man, of unsympathetic nature, asked for the promise treats. He received them, but everyone regarded him with contempt.

Likewise, God’s Presence is grieving over the Exile and the tribulation of God’s Daughter, the Congregation of Israel. How, then, have I the heart to ask for selfish comforts?” (Ma’asiyot haGedolim haChadash, page 8)

Haggadah: Ha lachma anya:

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